Pilates: basic principles and benefits

Today Pilates – is one of the most popular fitness trends.People around the world are engaged in the system of Joseph Pilates. Learn more about the essence of Pilates – the method is able to return back to your health!

During its relatively short history, health and fitness technique Pilates managed to restore and improve the health of many people, affecting the underlying muscles, and Pilates for weight loss help to lose weight for those who are overweight. Pilates – smooth workout that binds together the motion and breathing, but it’s not an easy call! The benefits of Pilates can be a long talk, it has many advantages such training has a positive effect on the body, bringing harmony of body and mind. But, as with any other fitness activity, are available for Pilates and contraindications. To deal with all this variety of information about Pilates helps our article. Continue reading