How to build chest muscles

How to pump pectoral muscles. In this article, you will learn how to properly pump the pectoral muscles! Exercises and explosive training, so you worked your chest from all sides!

Remember, since adolescence, we wonder how to build chest muscles to please girls. Most of us started going to the gym in order to impress the opposite sex with their sculptured muscles , and you know what? It’ll be this way forever.

As the chest muscles immediately clear who is engaged in the gym . Add to this the constant questions of “How do you squeeze?” And gets no wonder why we are so obsessed with the development of the chest muscles.

But there is one big problem: Towards an inflated chest can become a victim of a shoulder injury, overvoltage pectoral muscles and other injuries. A simple strategy that will allow to train pectoral muscles effectively is dedicated to our article!

Before discussing the specific exercises that will help to pump up the pectoral muscles, let’s start with the basics – anatomy.

How to pump up the pectoral muscles: start with anatomy

chest muscles training

pectoral muscle group includes two muscles: major and minor.


Large and fan-shaped, it is we mean when the “train the chest”. This muscle has two heads, or subsections: sternal (or bottom) and the clavicular head (or top) of the head.

When we talk about the average inflation of the chest, the inside of the chest muscles or anything like that, it’s not right. In the pectoral muscles have only two sections: sternal and clavicular head.

Three major traffic under the responsibility of sternal head pectoral muscles:

  • Shoulder extension: When you bring the arm from the position of the head, as if performing a pullover
  • Horizontal adduction: movement of the hand across the body, as if performing mixing, dilution with dumbbells.
  • External rotation: the rotation of the shoulder to the midline of the body

Three major traffic under the responsibility of clavicular head pectoral muscles:

  • Flexion Shoulder: raise arms above his head.
  • Horizontal casting. Movement of the hand across the body, as if performing mixing, dilution with dumbbells.
  • External rotation: the rotation of the shoulder to the midline of the body

Except for the raising or lowering of the hands, the primary movement of the pectoral muscles – a horizontal retraction of hands and shoulder internal rotation. This information is useful in the selection of ways to pump up the pectoral muscles.

Pectoralis minor

Is responsible for the forward movement of the blade. Lack of flexibility pectoralis minor – a common cause of pain in the shoulder, especially when it comes to the acromioclavicular joint.

Pain in the pectoralis minor muscle treated with the methods of the impact on the soft tissues, such as sporting or deep massage. If you combine it with special exercises to strengthen the lower part of the trapezius muscle, your shoulders will feel relief.

Armed with basic knowledge about the anatomy of the breast, we now consider the examples of training to learn how to pump up the pectoral muscles.

Chest training

Smart training for inflating the pectoral muscles

One of the truths of the gym says: exercise on an incline bench is ideal for upper pectoral muscles, and presses on a flat bench and a reverse tilt needed to lower. So how do you effectively pumped pecs?

Prepare yourself! A lot of work

When we raise the arms above the head (shoulder bend), we reduce the clavicular division of the pectoral muscles. Thus, the greater the slope, the greater the load on the clavicular (upper) head of the pectoralis major and anterior deltoid . When engaging on a flat bench with a backslash, we reduce the amount of shoulder flexion, and therefore, places great emphasis on the sternal (lower) head of the pectoralis major muscle. Thus, one way pump pectoral muscles – exercises on the horizontal bar with a reverse slope.

However, when you create a holistic workout program on inflation of the chest muscles is not only important to choose exercises for maximum development. But also those who help to maintain health at maximum load.

Accelerate the process of recruitment of muscle mass will help sports nutrition – protein, creatine, gainer, arginine, BCAA’s, amino acids. These supplements are specifically designed for athletes and fitness-active people of all fitness levels. Such drugs are perfectly safe, but their effectiveness has been proved.

Combined ups for breast

If your upper and lower portions of the pectoral muscles are developed in a balanced manner, to use inclined, and horizontal bench with a backslash to be in equal proportions. Using variations of exercises from different angles – the best way to pump up the pectoral muscles.

Many athletes forget or do not recognize how important to push the program. The purpose of the bench press – to keep the blades and laid back down. Constant maintenance of this position can increase the curb weight and, therefore, is the best way to accelerate the development and pump up the pectoral muscles. Unlike bench press, during push vanes move through the active range of motion. Instead, the position “down and back”, they are brought together when you finish the climb.

If you want to keep the shoulder healthy, pay attention to the development of the serratus anterior muscle. At the top of push-ups keep the body as far as possible from the floor. This nuance is crucial to the development of the serratus anterior muscle.

Push-ups are useful not only for the proper inflation of the serratus anterior pectoral muscle. If the hands touch the floor, exercise is called “closed-loop”. This is a fantastic technique to strengthen the rotator cuff and the smaller stabilizing muscles, so that during pushups is no additional load on the shoulders.

Shoulder pain in working through the chest

Chest pump

If you feel any pain when using the traditional pronated grip (palms facing down and away from you), try a neutral grip (palms facing each other) and a dumbbell .

Another option – change the angle at which you perform the exercise. Athletes often feel a lot of pain when performing movements over the head, which means that you can not perform the exercise on an incline bench. Rather than forget about exercise on an incline bench, start with a small slide. Find out why there are pains in the shoulder, engage in treatment, but in the meantime, use this option exercises.

Isolated exercises for pectoral muscles

If you are wondering how to effectively pump the chest muscles, without the dilution of hands you simply can not do.

Combine your favorite version of breeding with training the muscle groups you want to work. If the top department of your pectoral muscles underdeveloped, do exercise on an incline bench. If you need to train the lower part of the pectoral muscles, perform dilution on the horizontal bar.

Another way to pump up the pectoral muscles, which can be used after a workout – static dilution with dumbbells.

The results of this technique are stunning, as during exercise is an active stretching the chest muscles. This allows you to restore the muscles and joints after exercise. Hold the muscles tense for a long time is also great for developing strength of the connective tissue and helps to avoid deformations of the chest muscles.

Your mission: to hold hands for 30 seconds to 2 minutes. When the upper limit stop be complexity, increase the weight.

Pull over!

how to pump pectoral muscles

Some athletes claim that they can not pump up the pectoral muscles, or they do not have a genetic predisposition to a large inflated chest. Ironically, these are the same guys who usually make 20 – 30 exercise approaches for breast every Monday! But at the same time, they often have terrible posture due to the games or sitting at a table of 10 – 12 hours a day hunched and rounded shoulder. What is the reason?

Do 2-3 sets the horizontal / vertical thrust on approach each lift. As long as you do not compensate the imbalance and do not open the chest, there is no point in doing a lot of work, aimed at the chest muscles.

If your goal – a bench press with a weight of 230 kg or pectoral muscles like Schwarzenegger. The exercises and variations described in this article will help you achieve goals with fewer injuries. A training, made by a professional, will allow to achieve results in a short time!