Powerlifting is a sport for people who are strong in spirit and body. Who is suitable for powerlifting and what benefits can it bring to the athlete?

Today it is fashionable to be sporty and fit, powerlifting help men and women to develop their functional effect.

This power sport in which the main task of the athlete – to overcome the weight of the maximum weights.

As competitive disciplines in powerlifting consists of three exercises: squats, bench press and deadlift. Weight weights for each exercise in the amount determined by qualified athlete, so the sport is called power triathlon.

Pauerlifting partly resembles the Olympic weightlifting, each of these disciplines involves lifting weights in three attempts. However, powerlifting grew out of this kind of sport as ‘odd lifts’, which also gives rise to 3 attempts, but has a greater variety of exercises, similar to the arsenal “Strongmen”.

Powerlifters, in contrast to the closest fellow bodybuilders, put at the heart of power rates, rather than the beauty of tela.Tem least, powerlifting is closely related to bodybuilding , about this you can read on our website in the article “powerlifting or bodybuilding” . Many Bodybuilding stars – Arnold Schwarzenegger, Ronnie Kouleman, Franko Kolombo, Michael Sidorychev, Eugene Mishin Andrei Sorokin, Sergey Shelestov – started powerlifting, or engaged in these sports at the same time.

In 1984 he received the status of Powerlifting Paralympic sport, and refers to the World Games in accordance with the International Powerlifting Federation.

To participate in the competition on the classic powerlifting International Powerlifting Federation clearly defined age categories. Men group start at 14 years (junior), 1, 2, 3 indicate the group of veterans age restriction to 40, 50 and 60, respectively, and by the latter, the fourth group of veterans – 70 years and older. Women’s groups – with 14 in the group of juniors, and 60 and over in the third group of veterans

Powerlifting-training programs

Many athletes improve their skills competitive exercises, sharing programs prisedovye, presses and allocating training deadlift powerlifting. In addition to a pronounced focus such training system leaves the athlete to power for auxiliary exercises.

Contraindications and use powerlifting

Engage in powerlifting can everyone, without contraindications, often they are the herniated disc, spinal injury. Before the training necessary to consult the treating physician or sports.

In trained lifters weight of the projectile passes for 200-300 kg, which increases the risk of injury. For the prevention of injuries athletes used special equipment : overalls, bench shirts, carpal and knee wraps, belt, safety shoes – shtangetki.

If you perform the exercises according to proper technique, the training of powerlifting does not do more harm than bodybuilding. The training program on effective pauerliftingeopiraetsya on the same rule as the bodybuilding: Do not take on more weight until you master the technique.

However, in contrast to bodybuilding, power lifting is a little more pluses. But to feel strong and harmonious development – it is incomparable nice! And powerlifting exercises are recommended not only for men but also for women !

Here there is no such barrier as genetics, which often becomes an insurmountable obstacle to bodybuilder. Your discharge resulting from competition, depends on your strength, you are training in the hall .

In addition, regular exercise weightlifting will make you more disciplined. You will start to monitor the power and even give up all bad habits. You will forget about the stoop, sunken chest, and poorly developed muscles, lose weight. Such harmonious pursuit of a healthy lifestyle can not help but leave a positive footprint on your mood: the sport will be for you a source of vitality and emotional balance! Exercise and stay healthy!

Creation of powerlifting

Powerlifting – power sport, the essence of which is to overcome the weight of the most severe complications. The sport is recent in 1964, the first US National Championship was held. This year is considered the year of birth of powerlifting.

Powerlifting – a set of three basic exercises:

squats, bench press on the horizontal bar, rod pull – in sum, these three exercises determine the qualification of the athlete. Powerlifting – part of the World Games, held under the patronage of the International Olympic Committee. International Powerlifting Federation (IPF), holding international competitions, seeks to include weightlifting in the Olympics.

However, because of the huge number of the federation, and the differences in the standards make it an Olympic sport, almost unreal.

Weightlifting classes help to strengthen the muscles of the back, legs and chest. Since these muscles are the biggest in humans, their growth is much faster than other muscles. At the amateur level, the sport is quite harmless, and if you want to have good power performance and slim body, this sport is for you!

With the advent of powerlifting, many federations have appeared. For today in the world there are 20 federations on powerlifting, the most part from them to be in the USA. But the most respected of them is the IPF. It includes about 50-60 countries in Europe, North America, Asia, Australia, South America, only in Africa there are no representatives of powerlifting. The main difference between the federation of power triathlon is the attitude towards doping.

In many US federations, the rules are strongly liberal. For example, in squats, many variations of depth are permissible, and in the bench there are various options for exercises: chest tightness, or without, separation of a part of the body from the bench, etc. Differences between federations create so-called equipment for powerlifting, which is very expensive, so many athletes compete without it.