Pilates: basic principles and benefits

Today Pilates – is one of the most popular fitness trends.People around the world are engaged in the system of Joseph Pilates. Learn more about the essence of Pilates – the method is able to return back to your health!

During its relatively short history, health and fitness technique Pilates managed to restore and improve the health of many people, affecting the underlying muscles, and Pilates for weight loss help to lose weight for those who are overweight. Pilates – smooth workout that binds together the motion and breathing, but it’s not an easy call! The benefits of Pilates can be a long talk, it has many advantages such training has a positive effect on the body, bringing harmony of body and mind. But, as with any other fitness activity, are available for Pilates and contraindications. To deal with all this variety of information about Pilates helps our article.

What is Pilates

Pilates benefits

Are you tired of back pain or suffering in any attempt to change the position of the back? Your life is full of stress? Did you know that Pilates will help you cope with both the physical and psychological difficulties?

Pilates is a system of exercise on muscle development bark, developed in the early XX century German-American sports specialist Joseph Pilates. This technique teaches to understand your own body, improves posture, increases strength and flexibility, as well as gives the tone of the whole organism. In addition, Pilates can bring significant results for weight loss.

Over the past ten years, more than 10.5 million. People engaged on Pilates system, including athletes, supermodels and Hollywood stars. So, if you want to safely change your body, lose weight and start to feel better, read this article on and learn more about the Pilates system.

Principles of Pilates workout

As with all training methods, Pilates is based on several principles and proposes a number of recommendations for the correct performance of the exercises .

Thinking in the first place

Pilates system is based mainly on this principle. During the training you need to focus and monitor every movement. This allows maximum use of the body and develop strength, minimizing the possibility of injury.


Proper breathing is the key point in all Pilates exercises, as it enriches the body with oxygen. As well as when performing strength exercises, you need to breathe consciously and concentrated.


Pilates works out the body and strengthens the center, namely the muscles bark: the press , the lower back, hips and buttocks. Each exercise begins from this center.


Beginners are quite difficult to learn to concentrate on the movements of the whole body. But as the practice develops concentration.


If the concentration can be achieved, it is absolutely necessary to learn muscle control. When any motion is important to pay attention to everything: the position of the fingers, head or legs, the degree of bending of the spine, or, conversely, its rectification, to turn the wrists and the legs rotated inward or outward.


Every movement in Pilates detail for a reason, so everything must be performed correctly and accurately according to the recommendations.


All Pilates exercises are based on the natural movements of the body. To get the maximum benefit, it is recommended to engage in a slow, smooth rhythm, controlling every movement.

Benefits of Pilates system

It makes strong muscles bark

The main goal of the Pilates system – the development of strong muscles of the core. This allows you to get rid of back pain, but also corrects postural disorders such as kyphosis and lordosis.

Training bring pleasure not only the body but also the mind

During the lessons reinforced the connection between the mind and muscles. Trainings are held in a pleasant atmosphere.

Restores balance

Thanks to Pilates, by strengthening the muscles bark and developing the ability to own their own bodies, the balance improved significantly. And the development of the muscles makes the body more harmonious and attractive.

Develops strength

If you want to improve the power performance, Pilates can be an alternative to a fitness room. But unlike lifting heavy weights, Pilates creates long, thin and flexible muscles, while removing the volume.

Lung volume increases and improves blood circulation

During training blood begins to circulate more quickly and is enriched with oxygen, allowing more blood flow to the muscles. It is derived degradation products, wastes, which cause muscle fatigue. When circulation increases, the muscles relax and the pain and stiffness at the same time reduced.


Reduces stress

Proper breathing along with the concentration of reduced or even completely eliminate the stress. Some people experience stress associated with injuries. Pilates is also struggling with this.

Liaise “brain-muscle

Catching Pilates, you will better understand and control his body.

Improves overall health

Most training programs are focused only on the physical condition, Pilates also aims and mental health.

It increases self-confidence

Finally, you can be proud of your body and show it to the world. Whether you go to the beach or wear tight T-shirt, ready for a compliment about your appearance.

It allows to form proportioned body

There is nothing that catches the eye, as a harmonious body, in which each muscle is worked out and leveled.

It promotes weight loss

One of the biggest advantages of this system lies in the fact that Pilates promotes weight loss. Do you want to lose weight or simply become leaner? Do pilates. If this system works for supermodels, why do not you try it? Start and you will be amazed at the results.

He speaks excellent exercise for pregnant women

Pilates – is, above all, a safe system of exercises, as well as a great alternative to strength training for pregnant women. Regularly doing pilates system after childbirth, young mothers come in shape much faster.

Increases energy

Leave the usual cup of coffee and pills with caffeine, because you no longer need to Pilates!

Pilates can be practiced both in the gym and at home

For this method, almost no special equipment is required. Suffice it to some free space to practice with a partner.

A variety of activities

Pilates offers more than 500 different exercises, including on the floor, which includes the movement of the gym, does not require any weighing equipment. All you need – it’s a rug!

Pilates is a revolutionary method of healing and maintaining good physical shape, it is not surprising that he is becoming more popular every year. What are you waiting for? Get up and start to do! Good luck!