How to build the wings

How to pump up the wings. Build the wings (the widest back muscles) with these exercises and create the perfect male figure in the form of an inverted triangle.

Just as powerful wings offer advantages in the flight of birds, and bodybuilders benefit greatly if they know how to build the wings (or the latissimus dorsi) at the gym. Although not discussed back muscles like chest or biceps , know only having pumped the broadest muscle of the back can be achieved classic men’s V-shaped body.

Unfortunately, due to lack of ability to see the back during exercise most athletes neglect training balance upper body , setting priorities in favor of the breast.

This article provides recommendations for exercises and biomechanics to reveal your potential. Learn how to optimize your workout lat and pump itself broad wings!

Kinesiology lat

Before we take the weight and swing wings, should understand the functional features of the structure of these muscles. Latissimus dorsi attaches to the medial side of the humerus intertubercular furrows, and the third originates from the lower edge.

Functions lat very important: this muscle group is actively involved in bringing the humerus. Whenever our hands are placed over the head, for example, when the upper unit thrust to the chest or pull-ups , the blade wings directed downwards and pull the entire shoulder belt. And any exercise in which the hands are doing pull-down, leads to a complete reduction of the wings. Basic exercises and traction pullover with dumbbells or a barbell also well suited for developing and inflating your wings.

Any discussion of the broadest muscle of the back should include mention of the teres major muscle. It is called “Little Helper” wings, because they both have the same effect on the arm, and train one muscle without the other is impossible. Circular muscle originates at the bottom of the blade above the lat. It is attached to the head of the humerus is almost in the same place as the latissimus dorsi. Its mission – to extension, internal rotation and adduction of the shoulder joint

Exercises for pumping wings

If your figure is like a rectangle, oval or circle, pull yourself together and inflate the latissimus dorsi, so that the mirror you demonstrated the ideal proportions! Pull-ups, barbell or dumbbell Rod, Rod T- neck and pull the belt on the block – these exercises are considered classics of bodybuilding in inflating the wings. However, in order to you are guaranteed to get results and not spend time in the gym for nothing. It is important to observe the correct implementation of the technique. This will allow you to put into operation only the necessary muscles and keep you from injury.

Role technology inflating wings

For most bodybuilders feel right and exercise equipment for lat comes with time in the course of training . Although the thickness of the work enough quickly enough, the width of the wings appear later. The problem lies in the use of improper technique when performing various exercises to extend back. The technique of making inflated wings requires an understanding and a lot of practice to master.

During all the exercises on your back, especially the lat muscles are big load biceps . You can not swing alone and the wings do not use your biceps . Most beginners practically use only the power of the biceps when performing exercises for the wings, and this limits the results that they expect to receive in the pumping back. The secret is to limit the maximum involvement of the biceps hands. As the forearm with a brush, they have to perform a secondary effect during exercise .

How to achieve this? The hand should look like a hook or a bowl that holds post. Thoughts should be focused on the fact that the exercises are performed back, not your biceps. For most beginners, it is very difficult, because they can not ignore the fact that the biceps – a muscle.

The only way for most bodybuilders to correctly perform exercises for the wings – practice form and pumping equipment with a light weight. Once you have mastered the technique, you can start adding weight during exercise. Most athletes use too heavy weight in the exercises for the lat at the wrong technique, which creates an even greater risk of injury and does not adequately pump the wings.

Training, which will give you an inflated wings

Follow this stunning giant set only once a week. After completion of training on the wings you can do some exercise at the rear of the delta. Such as breeding dumbbells while sitting or standing. You have to use a lighter weight, since the rear of the delta have already received a certain load during training wings. At the end of the training required to perform the stretching . 6 weeks later, when you are comfortable, you can add weight and do fewer reps per workout movements.


Start with a warm-up lat. For example, do 2 sets of 10 repetitions of pull-ups. If you find it difficult to catch up to 10 times, do not worry about it: just two workouts every add one additional repetition. For most athletes pull is very complex. So do not worry about the total number of repetitions that you can do, just keep working on them. As this warming movement, relax 2-2.5 minutes between sets and start your training by inflation of impressive wings.

And how to build big biceps pull-ups on the bar, you can learn from our article “Effective tightening the biceps’ !

Here, the exercises are performed one after another without rest, all of them together is one giant set. This program is specifically designed to make you feel the work lat!