How to build the biceps

If you want to have a massive, muscular, and raised his hands, then you have a reason for joy – in this article we’ll show you how to pump up your biceps hands.

When we hear the “muscle pump”, we immediately think of the biceps. Strained to the limit bulging biceps cause a storm of delight and surprise. Many competitors Powerlifting pay little attention to the construction of an expressive relief biceps, focusing more on the power of muscle performance, as opposed to bodybuilding , where it is essential to have a body balance. Admit it, even if you never find yourself on stage, you still want to increase their own hands. Why have a strong chest and broad back, if your hands look like noodles? It’s time to learn how to build big biceps !

To practice this rather hard body parts takes hours of employment with the blood, sweat and tears, while the photographs of legendary bodybuilders inspire us, that should be a little more to put pressure to succeed.

However, the biggest mistake is allowed in the gym – it’s overtraining and most of this situation is observed when training biceps. Athletes work hours, set for performing a set ups with dumbbells and barbells, doing at the gym to achieve your goals and still pump stubborn biceps. Many of these exercises are used carelessly – at best a waste of time and effort. Programs are formed without a second thought and strategies in one only hopes that the muscles will develop. We will give you an idea of what it takes to create an impressive hand. The choice of exercises, repetitions scheme, adjustment of the volume of work, the order of execution and rest breaks have a huge impact on results.

Anatomy arms biceps

Training biceps

Features workout biceps directly related to anatomy. Although it may seem simple biceps muscle group, it consists of two muscles that actually have dual functions (hence the name of the biceps).


He is a big part of the two muscles that originate in different locations on the blade. Heads together in a radius, which is able to rotate. The main function of the biceps – bending at the elbow and forearm rotation. In this it is helped by the shoulder and brachioradialis muscles (primarily muscle of the forearm).

Shoulder muscles

Originates near the middle of the front shoulder side (so-called humerus), it connects in the upper part of the ulna only after intersects the shoulder joint. Its main function – elbow flexion. Since the shoulder muscles associated with the ulna, which does not rotate, it is only involved in flexion of the elbow, which is used in almost all the exercises for the biceps pump.

Biceps exercise on peak

Now, when you remember the anatomical and functional characteristics of biceps hand, let’s delve into what stimulates the development of muscles. Represented exercises to pump the biceps and programs designed to get the most out of each trip to the gym . Remember to always follow the technique of execution and do not use too much weight, so as not to risk the safety.

Lifting barbell / dumbbell biceps

lifting barbell

For the overall mass and strength biceps nothing compares to the correct execution of the lifting barbelland dumbbells .

When the boom lift the elbows pressed against the body and use a strong grip. Do not squeeze the bar too sharply, it will shift your attention to the biceps. Lift the bar by performing a full range of motion, and not relax at the bottom point of the exercise. Lift the barbell and forcefully wring it out, and then return to starting position.

Let’s take a further load the shoulder muscles. Starting position for lifting dumbbells is: hands along the body, keep the dumbbell so that the thumbs facing forward. Lift the dumbbells while rotating the forearm – twist, while the thumbs reach the highest point, and the palm will not look up. Push your hand into the extreme point, and putting his hand, do the opposite movement of the forearm.

Here is what our expert Aleksey Ernandes Ortega, award-winning world-class champion of the world, about the exercises at the peak of the biceps with a barbell:

Working with a barbell , it is possible to focus on the external beam of the biceps, and on the inside. It depends on the width of the grip: grip slightly narrower parallel arms gives the load on the external beam and wide – on the inside. If you are interested in how to pump up the upper part of the biceps (closer to the elbow joint), try to work well in the half amplitude – from the bottom to the middle. Vocabulary for biceps bottom (closer to the shoulder joint) to provide a barbell work in half-amplitude but at the top and to the middle. 

Bending the hand on the block

Imitation lifting barbell exercises for biceps – curl on the block standing in front of the treadmill – a good way to dilute its program of pumping huge biceps. Due to its mechanical action simulator contributes to a more intense reduction of muscles at the top exercises.

Try different types of grips for lifting barbells to work on different muscle area. For example: a narrow grip is working on the outside of the bicep, making it thicker in front, and a wide grip affects the internal biceps razdvaivaya it, so it looks more impressive.

Bending a straight, curved barbell or dumbbell on bench Scott

To really nice bulging biceps, especially its lower part, turn the program is probably the best exercise for biceps – bending on the bench by Scott . Use the entire range of motion, the peak reduction to full extension. Pay special attention to the upper point of the exercise – do not relax your hand in this position.

Instead, hand tighten the top of the movement, not allowing it to weaken, and immediately lower the weight. Try not to use too large a complication, because it is in this exercise, this may have an increased risk. If the performance of exercises with direct stamp causes pain in the forearm, using a curved barbell.

Sit on the bench just turned sideways. At the top of the exercises tighten your hand, for a more intense reduction can slightly rotate the dumbbell little finger closer to the shoulder.

Intensive training on the completion of pumping biceps, try the following method: in the last third of the movement, the full amplitude, do swinging movements up until you can no longer lift the weight. Your biceps will be screaming for mercy!

The rise of the insulating bench

How to pump the biceps

This exercise for pumping biceps like folding on the bench Scott, but it has the important advantage – direct voltage, especially at the top of the movement. These upgrades allow us not to relax the biceps during inflation at all!

Just stand, rest in the breast platform, which put his elbows. Your hands will be located on the opposite side of the platform. Take the rod small or medium-weight, hand on the fingerboard position at shoulder width. Bend your arms, contracting muscles intensively. Lower the weight until the arms are perpendicular to the floor.

With the dumbbells this exercise is carried out both on the bench by Scott. Keep the tension in the muscles and try not to relax your arms at the bottom of the movement. A light or medium weight enough to get the maximum benefit from this exercise.

By the way, this is an excellent opportunity to experience the “21” equipment . With lighter weight than usual, perform seven repetitions from the lower position to the midpoint of exercise, and then – the seven repetitions of medium to the top of the movement. Now do seven reps in the full range, to finish the set. So you bulging biceps faster!

Breeding dumbbells

Probably as old Arnold Schwarzenegger, this is the best exercise has no equal in tension and pumping biceps biceps with distinct sharp peak. Adjust the angle of the bench to 45 degrees (or slightly higher if you are new to this exercise).

Lie on a bench, his shoulders touch the platform (many make the mistake and leaning forward), hands with dumbbells moderate weight omitted. Some of these movements a little bit isolated, so do not take a heavy weight and risk of injury.

Your thumbs facing forward and rotate the dumbbell when you bend your arm. Lift the weight along the body, the shoulders at the same time hold on to the platform. The top of the movement squeeze dumbbell up and return to starting position.

To increase the intensity can perform this exercise with a rope. Attach a D-shaped handle from the machine and put it in front of the bench backrest forward. Bend first one arm, then the other. This constant voltage is definitely blow up your muscles – that’s what you need to pump up the big biceps!

Concentrated the curl

How to build the biceps

Completed at the end of training the biceps, concentrated ups – great exercise to bicep peak.

Take dumbbells and sit on the edge of the bench, bend, elbows rest against the inside of the thigh. Bend your arm until the weight touches the shoulder, and squeeze it. Similar to the previous exercise, Use only the weight with which you will be able to do moderate-controlled repetition. In addition, do not lift the weight of the shoulder – to biceps doing its job, it must be fixed.

(C) With the development of technology and the development of skills, you can do this exercise standing alternating right and left hand. Lean forward, holding a dumbbell in front of a few centimeters from the floor. Bend your arms, directing the weight to shoulder, forearm keep still. Point the elbow to the body and keep it directed straight down. Feel reduction biceps exercise at the top, and then follow the movement in the opposite direction.

The curl in the style of “hammer”

This movement of dual-function excellent and forearm muscles, and for pumping bicep peak. Hold the dumbbells to the sides so that the thumbs facing forward. Without turning the wrist and keep it stationary, twist the weight up (reminiscent of the movement of a hammer). Raise your hand, tighten your muscles and return to starting position.

Exercise can be done with both hands simultaneously or alternately right and left hand. You can try to learn and variations of this exercise: Start in the same position, but when you raise your hand, move the dumbbell through the upper part of the body toward the opposite shoulder, keeping the working arm stationary. Alternate each side for all repetitions. Many would argue that during this performance there is much more resistance and thus greater comfort for the wrist.

Accelerate the process of recruitment of muscle mass will help sports nutrition – protein, creatine, gainer, arginine, BCAA’s, amino acids. These supplements are specifically designed for athletes and fitness-active people. Such drugs are perfectly safe, but their effectiveness has been proved.