Ectomorphs, mesomorphs and endomorphs – bestiary

There are three main types of the structure of the human body: endomorph, characterized by the predominance of fatty tissues; Mesomorph, a man with well-developed muscles and an endomorph, a man who lacks both fatty and muscle tissue.

Usually people do not belong clearly to any type, rather, they combine all three, just one of them is more pronounced than the others.


Ectomorphs should focus their efforts on muscle mass kits.

Training with large loads will help the ectomorph to stimulate muscle growth. In this case, it is worth concentrating on slow execution of exercises with large (at least 2 minutes) breaks between approaches. Also, the ectomorphs should not go to the hall too often, their body needs time to rest and recover. Three workouts per week is the ideal schedule for a person with this body structure.

Cardiovascular and aerobic exercise should be kept to a minimum. This will not spend calories and build muscle from them.

Ectomorphs need to consume more calories than to consume. Ideally, they should take some food every two hours. And every meal should contain protein and carbohydrates. To the diet, it makes sense to add such fat-containing foods as peanut butter, red meat, whole eggs.

High metabolic rate virtually eliminates the risk of gaining excess fat. And even if this happens, a low-calorie diet and exercise will quickly bring it to form.


ectomorphsThe biggest problem of the endomorph is to drive off excess weight and not to recruit it again with time.

Strength exercises will help the endomorph to build muscle and accelerate metabolism. Ideally, the endomorph should adhere to intense training (to minimize the rest between exercises and approaches) in order to burn the maximum number of calories.

Also, endomorphs should be at least 30 minutes on cardiovascular equipment in the morning before breakfast – this, among other things, will help increase metabolism.

Endomorphs need to burn more calories than to consume – only so they can drive off excess weight. Their option – 5-6 small meals every few hours. The diet should be completely absent sweets, fast food and any hard-to-digest products.


The figure of the mesomorph is located approximately in the middle of the path between a good muscular body and fat. In order to improve the body, they will have to work a lot and very correctly.

In comparison with the ectomorph, the mesomorph can be engaged more often and much more intensively, however for it it is important not to overdo it. Depending on the goals, the mesomorph can focus on building up the muscles like an ectomorph, or on losing excess fat like an endomorph.

Many mesomorphs, by the way, like to engage in a set of muscle mass in the autumn and winter period, and by the summer actively expel fat to be, say, on the beach in its best shape.

Coming to an ideal form, the mesomorph is usually easy to maintain, while the ecto- and endomorphs must carefully watch themselves to maintain a good body.


Knowing what your body structure is and working accordingly, you can achieve much better results.

Your goal should be to maximally resemble a mesomorph. With a properly chosen diet and hard work in the gym, this is an achievable goal. Success is possible regardless of the genetic background.

How to determine the type of body?

Due to the fact that in nature are extremely rare “pure” classical types of body, the definition somatotype may cause some difficulties. That is why many established methods for determining the types of body build. So, how to determine the somatotype?

Intercostal angle

One way to determine a measurement of body intercostal angle which form the lowermost rib. The measurement system is very simple – you need hands to feel the lower boundary edges, attach them the thumbs of both hands and depending on the width of the angle of divergence is already a start in determining the somatotype.

If intercostal angle less than 90 degrees, i.e. sharp, thus, form a body belongs to ectomorphic group. Mesomorphy are holders boundaries lower edges with a right angle of 90 degrees. Dumb, more than 90 degrees, the angle characterizes physique as endomorphically.

Wrist girth

Somatic easily can be determined by the working arm wrist girth middle finger and thumb of the other hand.

In ectomorphs thumb and middle finger overlap. If the fingers almost touching, it is a clear sign of the mesomorphic body type. Those cases when the middle finger is not possible to reach out and touch a large signal of belonging to the group endomorphic body.

To determine the somatotype is also possible to measure the narrowest part of the wrist, just below the bone, the usual measuring tape. Indicators wrist girth ectomorphs will vary repartitions 15-17.5 cm. Mezamorfov figures will be in the range from 17.5 to 20 cm. In turn, possess endomorphs wrists girth which exceeds 20 cm.

Leg length

Measurement leg length is an effective method for determining somatotipa.Chelovechesky growth and lower limb length interconnected. For example, the ideal length of the legs is considered to be a figure equal to half of human growth.

In order to measure the length of the legs, measure the distance from the floor to the trochanteric point (tuberosity of the femur), which is directly in front of the hip joint. Since the holder legs, the length of which is less than half the growth or longer only 2-4 cm, is a prominent representative endomorphic body type. mesomorphs leg length longer than half of its own growth on 4-6 cm. ectomorphic type involves a leg length which is greater than half the growth of 6-9 cm.