Comprehensive training for hands

Exhaustive training for hands. In this article, you will learn everything about the muscles of the hands, get advice from a professional and an exhaustive workout that will make the line of your hands chiseled and the muscles strong!

Regardless of whether you’re a beginner or a professional in the field of fitness, you know that well-shaped hands – a measure of both men and women. Harmonious development, the relief arm is decorated with the girl and literally facilitate everyday life.

In this article you will learn all about the muscles of the hands, get advice from a professional and comprehensive training that will make your line of hand chiseled and muscles – strong!

Hands include three main groups of muscles: the triceps muscle, the biceps and shoulder muscles (forearm).

The first group – the triceps – is responsible for straightening the elbow and shoulder joints. A well-developed triceps looks like an upside-down horseshoe on the back of the hand.

Biceps flexes the elbow and the wrist rotates (rotates it so that the palms facing upward). Well-built biceps differs rounded shape and a high peak. When looking at hand front and rear must be the same size and the degree of nakachany.

The forearm is in the lower part of the arm from the elbow to the wrist. Most women do not believe it is important to train the upper arm, but a strong shoulder muscles involved in the exercises for the back and biceps , and allows you to properly lift a heavier weight. Forearm also perfectly complement the advanced image contraction of the upper arm to the wrist.

The principles of the training program

When you create a program to hand pick 2-3 exercises for each body part. The muscles of the hands are very small, so they quickly get tired after two exercises. To properly inflate the girl’s hands, it is important to frequently change the order and type of exercise. This will allow one to develop harmoniously head of the biceps or triceps in relation to others.

Sets and repetitions

The number of sets and repetitions depends on how long you are doing on your current level of fitness and, of course, on your workout goals.

Women, aimed at maintaining the shape of the muscles, you should perform 2-3 sets of 12-15 repetitions.

Those who want to increase muscle mass, you need to perform 3-4 sets of 8-12 reps. To increase strength – 3-4 sets of 6-10 repetitions.

training for hands

For variety, you can include one, two or all three repeats range in its program. For example, a woman is aimed at increasing the size and strength, it is possible to alternate between ranges of 8-12 and 6-10 each workout.

Frequency, duration and intensity

One of the best techniques – split training. In this case, each part of the body works once a week in a single day or 1-2 other muscle groups, which allows to give the maximum load on the muscles and stimulate their growth. If your hands – your weak spot, you can train them but once a week, or to allocate for their own training day.

Training should last for more than an hour. This time is enough to completely work through the target body part. If you exercise for longer, then you should be less distracted during training.

Keep the intensity at a high level, reducing the rest between sets, performing supersets, negatives and drop-sets. After a workout, you should feel that the strength of your hands completely exhausted.

We focus on specific objectives

Secure weight adding

Small muscles of the hands and the work is mainly due to the insulating movements that do not increase their size due to the limitation of working weight.

To increase the size, let’s hand secondary load a plurality of complex movements. Include different isolation exercises to prevent adaptation, adhere to a super-high intensity, using shock tactics.

The first method – complex secondary movements – can be turned on without changing your current workout. To work the biceps make emphasis on the biceps: Perform exercise “rowing” and pull supine grip (wrist turned up).

How to train hands

If you train your back and biceps separately, add insulation at the end of exercise training on the back to further stimulate growth. To use this method in the program on the triceps, perform exercises on the chest narrow grip. During a workout, the shoulders fix the elbow at the top exercises to stimulate the triceps.

To increase the size and strength of the biceps there is nothing better than this basic exercise lifting barbell biceps . This exercise – the basis for training the biceps, and if you do not perform, immediately add it to your program! If you can not pick an Olympic barbell, dumbbell use without weighting.

As well as the best exercise for the biceps – lifting barbell biceps , triceps is the French bench press with dumbbells or curved barbell. This exercise should be a staple in your program for the triceps. Do it with high intensity and good resistance training, to speed up growth.

The latter method of increasing your hands – high-intensity training. Shock tactics, as well as diversity, we need to prevent adaptation to load and stop progress. To the shock tactics are a drop-sets for triceps, you can use “21” equipment. An excellent option is the implementation of 2-3 exercises slow negatives using cheating for the last repetition after a failure and minimize rest time.

Home training

To pump hands girl not necessarily go to the gym. Training for hands quite easily spend at home , but you need to have the basic equipment, a minimum of an expander or a cable, with which you can perform a large number of insulating exercise for the hands. However, be careful: the workload is not too big, and as soon as his hands get used to, growth stimulation stops.

How to avoid it? For example, buy 3 sets of dumbbells and a curved bar with pancakes 3-4 sizes. This will allow to increase the weight and constantly changing training to prevent plateaus. Medicine ball will need to perform a twisting exercises. Narrow grip will help train the triceps and push-ups on the bench can be done in a chair or sofa.


Isolate during training biceps and triceps easy, but it should be something to remember, to get even more from training.

The first advice that applies to all exercises: follow the position of the wrist. It is imperative to keep the wrist straight and strong in order to maximize the isolation of the target muscle. If the wrist is bent during the exercise, you will either lift too much weight, or you may need additional training to the forearm and wrist .

In the exercise of triceps fix arm in all movements and squeeze the muscle at the peak contraction. Elbow joint must be unique, that moves during movement of the insulation; shoulder while moving. During twisting exercises to perform bicep curl all the way to the shoulder, without changing the position of the elbow. In all the exercises for the biceps elbow must remain motionless for full muscle isolation. For maximum load squeeze biceps at the top exercise.

Accelerate the process of recruitment of muscle mass will help sports nutrition – protein, creatine, gainer, arginine, BCAA’s, amino acids. These supplements are specifically designed for athletes and fitness-active people of all fitness levels. Such drugs are perfectly safe, but their effectiveness has been proved.