How to build shoulders on the bar

How to pump your shoulders on the bar. The turnstile is a universal shell, around which every beginner bodybuilder must build his training. Include in your program a portion of pull-ups.

Pull-ups allow the best to pump up his shoulders on the bar, however, to select a particular exercise, you need to focus on a specific muscle group, you are going to work out.

How to build the delta on the bar?

Delta – one of the major muscles of the shoulder girdle, the main function of which is to ensure that the bending arm and raising hands in front of the body to a level parallel to the floor. Since the shoulders are parallel to the middle point of its travel, then the delta in a position more tense.

It is necessary to bear in mind that on the bar, you can train different body parts. Delta act as support muscles and their best study using direct pull-middle grip, partial pull-up.

Pulling Medium Straight grip

  • Take the starting position – hang on the bar, arch your back and bend your legs at the knees and cross.
  • Reach up and simultaneously reducing shovels.
  • At the end of each movement, tap the bar upper chest.
  • Get down and straighten the arms parallel, at the lowest point they have to be straight.

Partial pulling average reverse grip

  • Starting position – hanging on the crossbar. Please note, the back should be straight and to prevent rocking, bend your knees and cross them.
  • Is pulled to the middle point of the amplitude.
  • When you reach the mid-point, you fix the body in this position and are aiming to reduce the collarbone to the crossbar.

To pump up the shoulders on the bar, and to focus on the deltoid muscle, choose a narrow reverse grip pull-up.

Pulling up the narrow reverse grip

  • Starting position – hanging on the crossbar. Please note, the back should be straight and to prevent rocking, bend your knees and cross them.
  • When climb, brings the scapula, shoulders – retraction.
  • At the top part of the lower horizontal bar tap chest.
  • During the pull-up look at the hands.

How to build a trapezoid on the bar?

In contrast to the delta with the trapeze, things are a bit different … For her, pulling – the key exercise. Use a wide grip to give maximum load. But there are different options: wide grip pull-ups for the head and chest.

Wide grip pull-up of the head

  • Starting position: traditional hanging with some differences – the legs are straight and perpendicular to the floor, bend your back is not necessary.
  • Pay special attention to the position of the elbows: they have to look at the floor.

Wide grip pull-up to his chest

  • Starting position – hanging. Back rotten legs bend at the knees and cross. The distance between the hands should be maximized.
  • During the ascent drag the top of the chest to the bar, is ideal if you can bring to the contact. View point upwards and elbows look to the floor.

If you want to pump up the shoulders on the bar, you will need to do the exercises correctly. Technique – a fundamental success factor, if ignored, neither of which performance can be no question. Therefore, beginners are extremely important to first learn how to catch up, and then move on to serious stress. Remember that during the pull-up:

  • motion must be provided at the expense of muscle tension;
  • on the rise it is necessary to breathe, and on the way down – inhale;
  • You can not swing and make sudden movements;
  • amount of time spent on launching and recovery should be equal;
  • as far as possible, gradually increase the load, otherwise the muscles can get used to and their growth slows;
  • You need to rest between sets for about 2 minutes.

How to build wide shoulders on the bar?

To pump those muscles are considered those options pull the most effective:

  1. Medium grip. His hands grasp the bar and hang, having caved in back. Legs bend at the knees and crossed them. Pulling, brings the blade. Lift the body up until the chest touches the top horizontal bar. Falling down, you need to fully straighten the arms, allowing good to stretch the back muscles.
  2. Partial pulling average reverse grip. This exercise on the shoulders on the bar is made from the same initial position as in the previous version. We need to raise the body to the middle of the amplitude, which fix the body and perform flexion pre dplechy. The aim is to direct the collarbone to the crossbar. Maximum load delta receives, when the body is delayed at the point and forearms parallel to the floor.

In order to train shoulders, it is necessary to perform a narrow reverse grip pull-ups. Starting position is not changed. Climbing up, it is necessary to reduce the blade and shoulders send back. The aim is to touch the crossbar lower chest department. See recommended in the hands.

To understand how to pump up his shoulders by a horizontal bar, it is worth more to find out which option is suitable for pumping of the trapezoid. For this purpose, necessary to perform wide grip pull to the chest and head. Let us examine both options perform the technique:

  1. Pull to the chest. The initial position is not changed, and the horizontal bar you want to reach a wide grip. Climbing, do not strain your biceps, try to make an effort it back muscles. Reducing shovels and strive to touch the upper part of the chest crossbar. At the same time it encouraged to look up. It is important that the blades looked at the floor.
  2. Pulling his head. In contrast to the above options exercise legs are straight, and they should form a body line. No need to bend back. Climb so that the beam was over his head. In addition, to control, to the elbows staring at the floor.