The basic rules of a split workout

The basic rules of split-training. Split-training is an effective method of building exercises, which professional athletes use for more detailed muscle training and optimization of training time.

The term “split-training” is formed from the English word “the split” – split, divide into parts. Split – the method of partitioning the training program into parts, each of which is carried out in a strictly allotted a separate day. For information on how the program should look like training split, you will learn from this article!

Advantages of split-training

Learn from the professionals, share their burden. High-intensity training the whole body under the condition of good exercises can give some positive results, but the split-training will provide more with less. You will need less time to spend in the room , to see the result.

If you train all the body parts at a time, then it will take at least two hours. Here are the benefits of short daily sessions: high intensity, better concentration, more energy and effort, reducing the likelihood of “overtraining.” And most importantly: if you spend on training just 45-60 minutes a day, you will have more time to do other things, while your muscles – for rest, recovery and growth.


How to build a split-training

Here are some key tips that should be taken into account when switching to a split workout.

Identify your weaknesses

Depending on genetics and body composition you can have massive quads but little pecs. In this case it is necessary to begin a week-long training session was split with his chest . In other words, if your program begins on Monday, the first training spend for pectoral muscles and ended the week training legs. Weak body parts are trained in first place, and strong – at the last. This will send more energy and concentration to work with lagging body parts.

Work from largest to smallest

The largest muscles are located in the back , legs and chest. If you have selected split-training, work on these parts of the body in the first place. Next, go to the smaller muscle groups: shoulders, biceps and triceps. They function as support muscles for the basic lifts such as the bench press, squat, bench press barbell. Overworked these muscles – and you will not be able to pump breast effectively, quadriceps and back. For example, if you train your back and biceps, perform traction before bending.

Get plenty of rest

Rest is as important as training. Most professional bodybuilders sleep for 8-10 hours as much and you have to. Remember, the level of anabolic growth hormone reaches its peak is during deep sleep.

Keep a high-level intensity

Whatever the purpose, always keep the maximum level of intensity. The purpose of the split-training – to destroy the muscle fibers, because after their recovery muscles become bigger and stronger. If you are training to increase strength, adhere to a rule no more than 6-8 reps per set. If you are working to achieve the perfect shape, increase the number of repetitions. And in any case – keep a high intensity.

In drawing up the program split workout, consider two key factors: your own personal experience of the training and free time. Beginners should start with a simple scheme: to divide the body in the “up” and “down”. After a couple of months of the split can be complicated. Rushing here to anything: to supply grew, the days of rest per week must be more than training.

Even if you really want, split-training for women – not the best solution. Features female physiology is such that the best result is beautiful ladies will exercise the entire body.

Basic training split

Split training can be very different. Allocate methods “push-rod” and “upper-lower”. In the first case, you divide your weekly program on exercises that require you to be “pulled” and exercises in which you “push”. Train your upper and lower body parts on different days. Whichever method you choose, stick with it for at least 8 weeks.

How often should I change the split?

I think it’s worth doing about once every 2-4 months. You should listen to yourself. Pay attention to the change of intensity. On the other hand, if comfortable, but there is growth and muscle mass and strength – then why change something that works well? Stop working – and then change. But just change the training system and generally include other exercises in training for diversity and shocking muscles still better in a few months.

Always guided by his training experience and accomplishments. Evaluate yourself sober. Do not think that you have enough forces on the more advanced the split. If you think you have everything, I became megakachkom – just slap yourself on the forehead, and look at the real megakachkov, at the same time, evaluate how they are trained. The essence of the split is not to load more and more on exercise, and to enable you to maximize focus on the muscle with each workout, and squeeze out of them all the best for just a couple of exercises. On the limit. And then go home and have a rest. That is, to grow. And the rest should be long enough.

Professional bodybuilders often train at all the so-called double-Split . They are involved in twice a day. Many people – every day, in different stages of preparation. This allows you to work out all the muscles are relatively common, but without harming their quality and growth. At the same time training takes a minimum. After all, you can come into the room, pumped biceps alone, for example, and leave. And in the evening, after the can rest, eat and possibly sleep, come back and swing more deltoids. However, this method leave the giants who do know what they do.

First, you just overtrain, being insufficiently prepared, and secondly, you – not a pro, you do not earn a living, and can not devote all their time just pumped muscles that you do not earn money for a living. It is better to gradually increase your split from two days to several days. Or even alternate loading of days from time to time.