Pilates: basic principles and benefits

Today Pilates – is one of the most popular fitness trends.People around the world are engaged in the system of Joseph Pilates. Learn more about the essence of Pilates – the method is able to return back to your health!

During its relatively short history, health and fitness technique Pilates managed to restore and improve the health of many people, affecting the underlying muscles, and Pilates for weight loss help to lose weight for those who are overweight. Pilates – smooth workout that binds together the motion and breathing, but it’s not an easy call! The benefits of Pilates can be a long talk, it has many advantages such training has a positive effect on the body, bringing harmony of body and mind. But, as with any other fitness activity, are available for Pilates and contraindications. To deal with all this variety of information about Pilates helps our article. Continue reading


What is useful and attractive bodybuilding?

Bodybuilding is the process of working on your body through training and applying a certain diet for a set of more muscle mass. Learn more about it!

Bodybuilding – is the process of working on your body through training and the use of certain diet to recruit more muscle mass. The main thing in this sport is not the power, which has a prominent athlete, and the beauty of his muscles, proportionate and body relief. Continue reading


How to build the wings

How to pump up the wings. Build the wings (the widest back muscles) with these exercises and create the perfect male figure in the form of an inverted triangle.

Just as powerful wings offer advantages in the flight of birds, and bodybuilders benefit greatly if they know how to build the wings (or the latissimus dorsi) at the gym. Although not discussed back muscles like chest or biceps , know only having pumped the broadest muscle of the back can be achieved classic men’s V-shaped body. Continue reading


10 best products for fitness nutrition

10 of the best products for fitness. To achieve the ideal figure, you need to consider every piece of food that you put in your mouth. We listed the best products that can appear on your plate.

You – really what you eat. It’s true. And that’s why on some days you feel like creamy souffle, in others – like lean beef. Continue reading


The basic rules of a split workout

The basic rules of split-training. Split-training is an effective method of building exercises, which professional athletes use for more detailed muscle training and optimization of training time.

The term “split-training” is formed from the English word “the split” – split, divide into parts. Split – the method of partitioning the training program into parts, each of which is carried out in a strictly allotted a separate day. For information on how the program should look like training split, you will learn from this article! Continue reading




Powerlifting is a sport for people who are strong in spirit and body. Who is suitable for powerlifting and what benefits can it bring to the athlete?

Today it is fashionable to be sporty and fit, powerlifting help men and women to develop their functional effect.

This power sport in which the main task of the athlete – to overcome the weight of the maximum weights. Continue reading


How to build shoulders on the bar

How to pump your shoulders on the bar. The turnstile is a universal shell, around which every beginner bodybuilder must build his training. Include in your program a portion of pull-ups.

Pull-ups allow the best to pump up his shoulders on the bar, however, to select a particular exercise, you need to focus on a specific muscle group, you are going to work out. Continue reading